120 Days of Sodom

Decima Flottiglia MAS troops escorting the prisoners into the palace

The 120 Days of Sodom was a four-month period in 1944 that saw fourteen young Italians experience physical, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of four fascist dignitaries, Decima Flottiglia MAS soldiers, and collaborators. The soldiers brought seven young women, seven young men, and four middle-aged prostitutes to the palace, where the fascist leaders Paolo de Blangis, Giorgio de Blangis, Aldo Curval, and Umberto Quintavalle engaged in sadistic behavior with the captives, including black mass-like wedding rituals between the cross-dressing fascist leaders and the captive male "studs" and meals consisting of human feces. At the end of the period, the fascist leaders assigned blue ribbons to most of the remaining captives, sentencing them to cruel fates such as branding, hanging, scalping, burning, having their tongues cut out, and having their eyes gouged out, killing most of them. In addition, the soldier Ezio Manni was executed for having an affair with an Italo-Eritrean female captive. The soldiers then shook hands and bade farewell to each other, bringing an end to the horrific "120 Days of Sodom", yet another example of war crimes committed by the evil National Fascist Party in Italy.



Female collaborators

Decima Flottiglia MAS soldiers

Male collaborators


Male victims

Female victims

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