Flag of Tajikistan
The 1996 Tajik upper house elections were held from 31 December 1995 to 1 January 1996 in the People's Republic of Tajikistan. Varshasb Royanov's People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan easily won re-election in the single-party state, defeating the parliamentary opponents of the recent wage and work reform that allowed vacation days to workers; the PDPT gained all of the parliament seats, leaving the Agrarian Party of Tajikistan and the big tent opposition without representation in the government.


First party Second party Third party
Party Conservative dotAgrarian Party Big tent dotBig tent Socialist dotPDPT
Seats before 16.67% 16.67% 66.67%
Seats won 0 0 100%
Seat change Decrease 16.67% Decrease 16.67% Increase 33.33%

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