The 2003 Tajik presidential plebiscite was held on 20 January 2003 in the People's Republic of Tajikistan. During the last years of the Tajik dictatorship, the commanders in chief of the navy, air force, and police disassociated themselves from President Varshasb Royanov, expressing their wishes that a civilian government should represent the regime in the upcoming elections. Big business pressure, international pressure, and unease with extended junta rule persuaded President Royanov to accept the results of the plebiscite, and Tajikistan's transition to democracy was set to be complete by November 2006, when a new and liberal order came to power. On 23 November 2006, the 2007 Tajik presidential election was held to decide a new leader for the country, and Royanov won re-election with over 87% of the vote.

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