Ah Tabai
Ah Tabai (1665-1745) was the mentor of the West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins, the guild of the Hashshashin in the Caribbean region, during the Golden Age of Piracy.


Ah Tabai was born in Tulum, Yucatan, New Spain in 1665, the son of the Mayan Hashshashin member Bahram. Ah Tabai would himself become mentor of the West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins by 1713, and he led the fight against the Templar Order in the Caribbean. Ah Tabai was betrayed by Duncan Walpole, a former pupil and friend of his, when Walpole decided to head to Havana, Cuba with a blood vial to assist the Templars in finding "the Observatory" (Long Bay, Jamaica) in 1715. Pirate Edward Kenway killed Walpole after Walpole attacked him near Cape Bonavista, and Kenway assumed his identity with the goal of delivering the vial to Governor Laureano Torres y Ayala in exchange for a reward. This led to the Templars discovering the locations of all of the Hashshashin bases across the Caribbean, and Ah Tabai's student Mary Read later recruited Kenway to assist the Assassins with defending Tulum in March 1716. Ah Tabai disliked Kenway, who was arrogant and greedy, and he was reluctant to free him from British captivity in 1721. However, he was impressed by how Kenway had changed since he last met him at Tulum in 1716, as Kenway had gained knowledge about the ways of the assassins. Kenway would assist the Assassins in closing off the Observatory after killing Laureano Torres y Ayala, and they parted on good terms. Ah Tabai would later recruit Achilles Davenport into the Hashshashin, and Davenport took over the order when Ah Tabai died in 1745.