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Akihisa Kashiyama (died 1591) was a Date retainer who, in 1591, rebelled in Miyagi Province in an attempt to restore the rule of Masamune Date, but was killed in the Kasai-Osaki Uprising.


Akihisa Kashiyama was born in Oshu, home of the Date clan. He was loyal to Masamune Date, who was the Lord of Iwate Province, and was an exceptionally powerful daimyo. In 1590, Masamune's clan was destroyed by the Toyotomi, who conquered all of Japan. In 1591, Masamune's territory was taken from him after refusing to assist in the Fall of Odawara, and Akihisa Kashiyama joined a rebellion led by Harunobu Kasai and Yoshitaka Osaki. However, Akihisa was slain.