The Alemanni, also known as the Alamani or Alamanni, were a confederation of Suevi tribes from the upper Rhine area in Vicus Alemanni, present-day Germany. The Alemanni's legacy is shown in the exonym of Germany in France, Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan, parts of central Russia, and the Arab World, all of which are related to the term "Alemannic".



Height of the Alemanni in 445 AD: their empire is in dark green-blue

The Alemanni's name means "all men", a reference to the fact that they were a collection of Suevi tribes, based along the Upper Rhine in Germania. The Alemanni were subject to a punitive expedition by then-Caesar Flavius Julianus in the 350s AD, ending up in defeat at Argentoratum.

The Alemanni remained a strong power, and eventually conquered most of northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, central Germany, and the Ukraine. However, they were defeated in their invasion of the Eastern Roman Empire and in 496 they were defeated in the Battle of Tolbiac by the Franks and conquered.

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