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Alexander's Sarmatian Campaign
Greeks and Persians
Conflict: Conquests of Alexander
Date: 325 BC
Place: Sarmatia, Caucasus
Outcome: Greek victory

Macedon 2 Macedon

Sarmatians Sarmatians


Alexander the Great



900 Hypaspists
2,800 Silver Shield Guards
1,000 Macedonian lancers
2,400 Companion Cavalry

1,800 Nomad Archers
1,000 tribal cavalry
2,800 tribal infantry
6,000 horse archers




Alexander's Sarmatian Campaign refers to a series of military actions committed against the Sarmatians by Alexander the Great in 325 BC. It ended with the subjugation of Sarmatia via military conquest.


Alexander and a professional Greek army invaded Sarmatia, facing mainly cavalrymen from the steppe that were recruited by the Sarmatians. The Greek Companion Cavalry, elite horseback lancers, charged the Sarmatian barbarians, and it seemed as if they were invincible, taking down the whole of the Sarmatian army and conquering the land.

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