Alexandre Maitre de Bay
Alexandre Maitre de Bay (1650-14 November 1715) was a Lieutenant-General in the Spanish Army during the War of the Spanish Succession.


Alexandre Maitre de Bay was born in Salins-les-Bains, Burgundy, France in 1650, but he served in the Dutch States Army cavalry from 1696 to 1701. In 1701, he offered his services to King Philip V of Spain as a cavalry commander in Flanders, and he distinguished himself as a Spanish Army commander during the War of the Spanish Succession. In 1704, he was elevated to the title Marquis de Bay and Lieutenant-General, commanding Philip V's bodyguards. He took Alcantara from the Habsburg forces in 1706, captured Ciudad Rodrigo in 1707, and defeated Portugal and Britain at the Battle of La Gudina in 1709. However, he was defeated at Saragossa in 1710, and he had to raise the siege of Campo Maior in Portugal in 1712. Maitre de Bay died in Badajoz in 1715.

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