Alfredo Pizzoni
Alfredo Pizzoni (20 February 1894-3 January 1958) was an Italian Resistance leader during World War II and the Italian Civil War.


Alfredo Pizzoni was born in Cremona, Italy, and he studied at London, Oxford, and Pavia. Pizzoni served in the Royal Italian Army during World War I as a bersaglieri officer, and he worked as a banker for Credito Italiano after the war's end. After the rise of the National Fascist Party, he joined the Giustizia e Liberta resistance movement, and he was elected president of Lombardy's National Liberation Committee during the Italian Civil War. On 27 April 1945, he was replaced by Rodolfo Morandi, and he later became President of Credito Italiano. He died in Milan in 1958.

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