Alaric II

Alaric II, King of the Visigoths

Alric (also spelled Alaric) II was a Visigothic monarch who was the king of the Kingdom of Toulouse in southern Francia and northern Spain. Alric was killed in 507 in the Battle of Campus Vogladensis by Clovis I of France.


Alric was born to Eurico, King of the Visigothic Kingdom in southern France and in northern Spain. He became king in 484 CE, and fought with the Franks until 502, when he made peace with them after handing Syagrius of Soissons over to Clovis I. However, in 507 CE, the peace was violated when Clovis invaded Spain, and at the Battle of Campus Vogladensis, the showdown began.


Alaric was impaled through the chest with a spear driven through him by Clovis himself, causing massive portions of his army to defect. The death of Alric led to the collapse of Visigothic Toulouse, and his kingdom was conquered by the Franks.

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