Amatsukaze was an Imperial Japanese Navy destroyer that was built in 1939 and commissioned in October 1940. The ship was commanded by Tameichi Hara at the Battle of the Java Sea, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, the Battle of Santa Cruz, and the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942, and a barrage from USS Helena (CL-50) killed 43 crew members and knocked out her steering engine. On 11 January 1944, she was torpedoed by the US Navy submarine USS Redfin (SS-272) in the South China Sea, severing the bow and killing 80 crewmen. Miraculously, she did not sink, and she was towed back to Singapore and repaired after a scout plane located her six days later. On 6 April 1945, she was beached at Amoy (Xiamen) after being attacked by US Air Force B-25s, and the ship was scuttled with explosive charges on 10 April 1945.

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