Aristocles of Scotussa
Aristocles of Scotussa (360 BC Scotussa, Thessaly, Greece-323 BC Pella, Macedon) was a Thessalian-born general of Alexander the Great.


Aristocles was born in Scotussa in Thessaly, Greece, but was raised in the court of Macedon, to noble lineage. Aristocles became a companion of Alexander the Great who adopted him (despite being ten years younger; Aristocles was 30 and Alexander was 21) in 335 BC. Aristocles became his general in the barbarian campaigns, leading the punitive expeditions against Illyria, Thrace, and the Kingdom of Scythia. These expeditions succeeded in conquering The Balkans, The Ukraine, The Crimea, and the Caucasus from the tribes people and Aristocles was celebrated as a hero. He became Satrap of Scythia, residing in Tarais, but upon Alexander's death in 323 BC, Aristocles proclaimed himself King of Macedon because he was his eldest son. Aristocles' claim, however, did not live long. Cassander dispatched troops to the capital city, and Aristocles was captured by the Macedonian infantrymen, breaking into the palace. Aristocles was forced to drink a chalice of poisoned wine in front of his family, who were also poisoned.

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