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Siege of Yerevan
Greeks and Persians
Conflict: Conquests of Alexander
Date: 328 BC
Place: Province of Armenia, Persian Empire
Outcome: Greek victory

Macedon 2 Macedon

Persia Persian Empire


Alexander the Great



1,500 Hypaspists
1,400 Greek archers
1,500 Silver Shield Guards
1,500 Macedonian Lancers

800 Nomad Archers
1,000 horse archers
6,000 Persian Cavalry
600 Kardake infantry




The Armenian Campaign was the conquest of Armenia by Alexander the Great in 328 BC.


The first attack went horribly wrong, with Alexander underestimating the use of Persian cavalrymen in the fight. Now, training Silver Shield Guards to be the core unit for the battle, he invaded again and slaughtered the enemy cavalry.

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