Assassin Order
The Assassin Order, also known as the Assassin BrotherhoodAssassins, Hidden Ones during ancient time or by its Persian nickname Hashshashin, is a secretive brotherhood that was founded circa 500 BC. The brotherhood was founded on the tenets of "Nothing is true, everything is permitted", emphasizing the need for free thoughts and for fighting for "peace in all things". The Assassins believed in staying their blades from innocent people, "hiding in plain sight" by being one with the crowd, and never compromising the brotherhood, whose secrecy was well-maintained both before and after the Middle Ages. The Assassins championed the poor against tyrants and oppressors and advocated a libertarian ideology, encouraging for people to choose their own ways; slavery and physical abuse were abhorred. Throughout their existence, they fought against the rival Templar Order, which sought to establish "order" through force instead of allowing for people to act freely. The two secret societies clashed for centuries through intrigues and assassinations, and the Assassins were known for their conflict with the crusaders in the Holy Land and their resistance to the Mongol Empire before their fortresses were destroyed by the Mongols during the 13th century. Today, the Assassins are still secretly operating, plotting against their Templar rivals, who also survived "extinction" in the Middle Ages.