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Attack on the Invicible
Attack on the Invicible
Conflict: Maroon Rebellion
Date: 1735
Place: Between Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Cuba
Outcome: Assassin victory

Hashshashin Assassins

Flag of France France


Hashshashin Adewale

Flag of France Jean-Paul Boffrand


1 brig

1 man o' war
1 brig
2 schooners


1 ship wrecked
Few crew losses

4 ships sunk

The Attack on the Invicible occurred in 1735 when the French fleet of Admiral Jean-Paul Boffrand was attacked by the assassin Adewale's ship Victoire in the Caribbean Sea between Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Cuba. Adewale sought to assassinate Admiral Boffrand, a Templar associate who was transporting a package to Saint-Domingue, so he ambushed the French fleet with mortars after sighting Boffrand's flagship, the Invicible, with his spyglass. The assassins proceeded to sink the escort ships before boarding the Invicible, and Adewale killed captain Marian Menetries and several French troops before assassinating Boffrand below deck and retrieving the package. The Victoire scuttled the Invicible, and the assassins proceeded to sail away, attempting to escape more French ships as they arrived. The assassins sailed into a storm on Adewale's orders, as Adewale feared that they would face a fate worse than death if the Templars were to recover the package. The French fleet decided to give up its pursuit of the Victoire after it sailed into the storm, and Adewale was thrown overboard by violent waves, while his ship was sunk.

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