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Attack on the Kingston bureau
Kingston bureau
Conflict: Maroon rebellions
Date: May 1721
Place: Kingston, Jamaica
Outcome: Maroon victory

Hashshashin Maroon Assassins

Flag of Great Britain Great Britain


Hashshashin Anto
Hashshashin Edward Kenway

Flag of Great Britain Kenneth Abraham
Flag of Great Britain Thomas Treglown


c. 5 maroons

c. 25 troops


few wounded

all dead

The Attack on the Kingston bureau occurred in May 1721 when the British Army sent troops to attack the Hashshashin's bureau in the city of Kingston, Jamaica, which was headed by the Maroon rebel leader Anto. Commander Kenneth Abraham sent Captain Thomas Treglown and a small force of British troops to attack the bureau, which housed three Maroons who had been freed from British captivity by Kenway not long before. The Maroons held off three waves, with Kenway advancing beyong the bureau to kill several British troops before they could advance. The attack on the bureau failed, and Kenway assassinated Abraham shortly after the attack was repelled.

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