Augustinos Kondylis

Augustinos Kondylis (1791—1848) was a Greek admiral and the commander of the Royal Hellenic Navy during the Greek Liberation of Crete. A veteran of the Greek War of Independence, Kondylis distinguished himself in battle against the Ottoman Empire's navy and later rose to become the chief of naval staff by 1837. He was considered a natural born leader and was popular among the common sailors, being highly charismatic. During the Greek liberation of Crete from Egypt he was in command of the fleet and did his best to preserve the navy from the numerically superior Ottoman Egyptian fleet. They were defeated in the Battle of the Sea of Crete after landing Greek troops on the island but Kondylis' leadership saved their ships from destruction.

Egypt was eventually forced to capitulate to Greek demands by internal problems, surrendering Crete. Since the war ended Kondylis continued to command the navy and his abilities, as well as coordination with General Charilaos Kolokotronis, the Army of Epirus commander, are credited with successfully winning the war.

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