Baligant receiving Frankish emissaries in 778 AD, from the "Song of Roland".

Emir Baligant of Babylon (died 778 AD) was the Emir of Babylon (Damascus), and was a key Arab commander during the Frankish invasion of Spain. Baligant led a large army from the Middle East, composed of Abbasid troops from across the lands, in order to aid Cordoba Caliph Marsilion against the French. He was slain in battle at Roncevaux Pass with Charles the Great's army.


Baligant death

Baligant is killed by Charlemagne

Baligant was born in Damascus (Babylon), and became Amir sometime before 778 AD, ruling over the city under the rule of the Abbasid Caliphate. Babylon prospered under him, and he was known to support other Muslim rulers, invading Spain in support of the King of Spain, Marsile. Baligant's army of 200,000 troops mustered across the Middle East and assisted in the attack on Charlemagne's army following the first battle at Roncevaux Pass in 778, and fought many of the enemy knights and killed them. However, Baligant was slain by Charlemagne himself.

Baligant rode out to battle with Charlemagne but Charles parted his hairs with a sword cut that split his head in half, slaying the mighty Emir and turning the tides of the Battle of Roncesvalles.

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