Barbarian coat-of-arms

The term "Barbarian" refers to a person who has not yet embraced civilization. The term barbarian can be applied to the Germanic tribes of the Roman Era, Vikings of the Dark Ages, the Saracen tribes of the Crusade, or even the Aztec Empire of the Conquistador Era.



A barbarian brute

Back in the Greek era, the term "barbaroi" originated, describing "outsiders", or anybody who had not yet embraced civilization. Barbarians were not a single nation, rather a colloquial term for several tribes that streched from North America to South America, Europe to Asia, Africa to Australia. Barbarians are always pictured as the Germanic tribes of old, but Vikings and Saracens were also barbarians, and some people consider the native Mexican tribes to be barbarians. Barbarians were practically people who had not changed since the Stone Age, wielding primitive weapons and wearing animal skins as a form of shirtwear, and loincloths to cover their genitles.

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