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Battle of Barrett's Farm
Barret's Farm
Campaign: Lexington Campaign
Date: April 19, 1775
Place: near Lexington, Massachusetts
Outcome: Patriot victory

United States

Flag of Great Britain Great Britain


James Barrett

John Pitcairn


400 troops

320 troops


100 killed

130 killed

The Battle of Barrett's Farm was one of the Battles of Lexington and Concord in April 1775, where minutemen held off four British companies led by John Pitcairn.


James Barrett mustered 400 Patriot militiamen in front of his farm, guarding a bridge and two banks of the Assabet River, while facing four companies of British regulars under Major John Pitcairn. The militiamen's volleys took down whole British contingents, as they were ordered to fire before the British deployed in their firing lines. The British were defeated, with 130 killed.

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