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Battle of Cape Bonavista
Battle of Cape Bonavista
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: June 1715
Place: Cape Bonavista, Cuba
Outcome: Indecisive

Flag of Great Britain Great Britain

Pirates Pirates


Flag of Great Britain Duncan Walpole

Pirates Abel Bramah
Pirates Edward Kenway


1 frigate
Several gunboats

1 brig


Several gunboats sunk

1 brig sunk

The Battle of Cape Bonavista (June 1715) was a naval battle that occurred off the coast of Cuba during the Golden Age of Piracy. The British frigate HMS Intrigue attacked the pirate brig Jacobite off Cape Bonavista, and the Jacobite managed to sink the much larger Intrigue after a spirited fight, only for the powder magazine of the Jacobite to be set alight. The assassin Duncan Walpole killed Captain Abel Bramah on the Jacobite before the explosion of the powder magazine killed all aboard the ship except for Walpole and Bramah's second-in-command Edward Kenway, who both washed up on the shore. The next day, Kenway killed Walpole after Walpole insulted him, and Kenway assumed Walpole's identity with the goal of going to Havana, delivering a package from Walpole to Governor Laureano Torres y Ayala, and receiving a reward from the governor. This set him up for interactions with the Templar Order and the Hashshashin secret societies that would change his life.

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