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Battle of Castrum Viterbii
Roman battle
Campaign: Italian Theater of the Roman Civil War
Date: 202 BC
Place: present-day Viterbo, Italy
Outcome: Julii victory

Julii House of Julii

Brutii House of Brutii


Sextus Julius

Numerius Florus


6,920 Hastati

3,000 troops


1,940 kiled

2,260 killed

The Battle of Castrum Viterbii was a battle fought between the Roman House of Julii and their rivals, the House of Brutii, during the Roman Civil War. The Julii defeated the Brutii using their experienced troops.


Years before the Julii attempted to take over Rome, the Brutii sent armies to the north, passing through Julii territory to head to Greece and to Asia Minor to fight the Thessalians, Egyptians, and Pontics. Some armies were marching through when the Julii were outlawed following their attempt to conquer the city of Rome, which succeeded. The Brutii diverted to besieging the northern Julii citites, causing panic within. After the fall of Rome, Sextus Julius marched north to engage these armies and save Arretium and Arminium.


The Roman army deployed their Hastati as their front lines, as they were the core of their infantry, while they also had some Auxilia and Legionnaire Cohort regiments at their disposal. They attacked Captain Gaius' Brutii army first, blocking it from linking up with the other regiments. The Julii then followed the same steps with the other armies, preventing them from linking up to form a larger army. The Julii suffered some casualties while holding the enemy back, as the Hastati were some of the poorest soldiers, but they carried the day, pushing the Brutii back. 2,260 Brutii were slain in the glorious victory, while 1,940 Julii soldiers were killed.