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Battle of Didao Castle
Campaign: Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions
Date: 255 AD
Place: Didao, Yong Province, China
Outcome: Cao Wei victory

Wei Cao Wei

Shu Shu Han


Wang Jing
Deng Ai
Chen Tai

Jiang Wei


70,000 troops

50,000 troops




The Battle of Didao, also known as the Second Battle of DidaoBattle of Taoshui, or the Second Battle of Mt. Qi, was a battle between the forces of Cao Wei and Shu Han in 255 AD, which resulted in the recapture of Hanzhong by Wei.


After the death of Sima Shi, Jiang Wei of Shu led 50,000 troops in an attack on Taoshui. In response to this, Wang Jing, Governor of Yong, led 70,000 troops to stop him. Jiang Wei crossed Taoshui and made his camp, then attacked and defeated Wang Jing's forces. Having lost many troops, Wang Jing fled to Didao Castle. Hearing that Deng Ai and Chen Tai were coming to aid Wang Jing, Jiang Wei hurriedly moved to counterattack, but was scared off by some fake ambush troops sent by Deng Ai, and pulled back.