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Battle of Dobruja
Greek battle
Conflict: Rise of Macedon
Date: 339 BC
Place: Plains of Dobruja, Romania
Outcome: Macedonian victory

Macedon 2 Macedon

Scythia Scythia


Philip II of Macedon






no reliable estimates

no reliable estimates

The Battle of Dobruja took place in 339 BC on the Plains of Dobruja in Scythia between the armies of King Philip II of Macedon and King Ateas of Scythia. The war started when the Scythians refused to assist the Macedonians in their siege of Byzantium, a city of Thrace, and Philip led an army to meet the Scythians, resulting in the death of Ateas. Philip II was also wounded, his horse killed underneath him. Afterwards, the Scythians bowed down to Macedonian power.

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