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Battle of Duangu
Campaign: Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions
Date: 256 AD
Place: Duan Valley, Yong Province, China
Outcome: Wei victory

Wei Cao Wei

Shu Shu Han


Deng Ai
Zhong Hui

Jiang Wei
Zhang Ni
Hu Ji







The Battle of Duangu was the seventh expedition by Jiang Wei of Shu Han into Cao Wei, which resulted in a Shu Han defeat that cost him Zhang Ni.


After the victory at Tianshui, Jiang Wei drove deep into Wei territory. Trying to avoid the heavily defended Mt. Qi, he took his forces around to attack Nan'an. He was met and defeated there by Deng Ai, who used his knowledge of the terrain top arrive first.


Jiang Wei still tired to fight, attacking the lands Nan'an used for supplies, but was stopped again by Deng Ai and resoundingly defeated. Jiang Wei broke through the siege and was barely able to return to Nanzhong with his life. He lost a great number of troops and officers in the process, including Zhang Ni.

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