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Battle of Ganryujima
Conflict: Warring States Period
Date: April 13, 1612
Place: Ganryujima, Yamaguchi Province
Outcome: Miyamoto victory

25px Sasaki

Toyotomi Miyamoto


Kojiro Sasaki

Musashi Miyamoto







The Battle of Ganryujima was a clash between Musashi Miyamoto and Kojiro Sasaki in 1612, which resulted in the defeat of Kojiro; Musashi had practiced for years following the Battle of Buzen.


Musashi Miyamoto rowed ashore onto Ganryu Island, preparing to fight his best-known rival, Kojiro Sasaki. Miyamoto and Kojiro fought for minutes, until Miyamoto fractured Kojiro's neck with an oar, nearly killing him. Kojiro narrowly survived, as Miyamoto left the scene, believing him to be dead.

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