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Battle of Gibara
Battle of Gibara
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: March 1716
Place: Gibara, Cuba
Outcome: Pirate victory

Jackdaw flag Pirates

Flag of Spain Spain


Jackdaw flag Edward Kenway

Flag of Spain Salvador de Narbona


Crew of the Jackdaw

Gibara garrison



all dead or captured

The Battle of Gibara (March 1716) occurred when Captain Edward Kenway and his ship Jackdaw assaulted the Spanish Navy naval fort of Gibara on the northern coast of Cuba. Kenway attacked the fort while he was sailing from Great Inagua to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico for a meeting with Mary Read, as the fort was weakly-defended, it only had a few cannon emplacements on the ramparts. The Jackdaw destroyed the fort's guns after a heavy bombardment, and Kenway and his crew proceeded to assault the damaged fortress. Kenway slew the naval officer Blas de Valdevieso before entering the war room and killing the fort's commander, Salvador de Narbona, and the Spanish troops surrendered. The Spanish flag was lowered and replaced by the pirate flag, and Gibara became a pirate stronghold.

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