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Battle of Hamedan
Greeks and Persians
Conflict: Conquests of Alexander
Date: 328 BC
Place: Hamedan, Province of Medea
Outcome: Greek victory

Macedon 2 Macedon

Persia Persian Empire


Alexander the Great



1,500 Hypaspists
700 Silver Shield Guards
1,400 Agrainian peltasts

1,000 horse archers
4,400 Sparabaras
1,800 Persian archers
1,200 Persian cavalry
2,000 Kardake infantry
1,600 Immortals




The Battle of Hamedan was an engagement between the Persian Empire and the Macedonian Empire that resulted in a Greek victory.


General Cyaxares and a large army of Persian troops assembled in Medea, preparing to retake the Province of Assyria from Alexander the Great, whose army was smaller, yet battle-hardened. The Persians won the first round, savaging the Agrainian peltasts, and overrunning Alexander's lines, yet in the second one, Alexander prepared to give quicker orders. His armies were crushed once more, so he decided to encircle the enemy. When he encircled the army of Cyaxares, the final battle occured. After an onslaught, the Greeks triumphed and cut the Persians to ribbons.

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