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Battle of Hulao Pass
Lu Bu
Campaign: Alliance against Dong Zhuo
Date: 191 AD
Place: Hulao Pass, Si Province, China
Outcome: Warlord victory

Warlord Alliance

Eastern Han


Yuan Shao
Cao Cao
Liu Bei
Sun Jian

Lu Bu
Li Ru
Zhang Ji
Fan Chou
Li Jue
Guo Si



200,000 troops




The Battle of Hulao Pass was the decisive engagement of the campaign against Dong Zhuo, with an alliance of warlords trampling his army at Hulao Pass but failing to kill or capture him, but rather liberated China from his rule. Yet Dong and his armies remained active until Dong Zhuo's assassination in 192.


The Allied commanders won an impressive victory at Sishui Gate against the army of Li Jue and Hua Xiong, and proceeded to march on the Imperial capital of Luoyang, but were halted at Hulao "Tiger Trap" Pass by 200,000 Dong Zhuo troops under Lu Bu, Li Su, Zhang Ji, and Fan Chou. The Eastern Han army held off many attacks by the Allies, who lost many tough warriors to the halberd of Lu Bu, a tough warrior and unparalleled. The three brothers (Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei) managed to fight him off, and although they failed to slay him, the Allied catapults broke down the gates without being destroyed and the Allied troops marched past the gate. Dong Zhuo sacked Luoyang, burning the city, and fleeing.

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