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Battle of Ile a Vache
Battle of Ile a Vache
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: April 1717
Place: Off Ile a Vache, Haiti
Outcome: Pirate victory

Jackdaw flag Crew of the Jackdaw

Flag of Great Britain Great Britain


Jackdaw flag Edward Kenway

Flag of Great Britain Henry Trevorrow


1 brig

1 man o' war
3 brigs


a few crew members killed or injured

All ships sunk

The Battle of Ile a Vache (April 1717) was a naval battle fought between the pirate Edward Kenway's ship Jackdaw and a fleet of four British Royal Navy ships off Ile a Vache in the southern Caribbean Sea. Kenway was hired by the Dutch businessman Milo van der Graff to assassinate Captain Henry Trevorrow, the commander of the man o' war HMS Rapture, who he had accused of being a criminal. Kenway and his crew set a course for Ile a Vache, off the western coast of Haiti, and they came across the brigs HMS Sword, HMS Adventure Galley, and HMS Escort, the escort ships for the man o' war. The Jackdaw took on all three brigs, sinking all of them. Kenway then proceeded to engage the man o' war, outmaneuvering it and giving it a pounding. After it was incapacitated, Kenway led his men in a boarding action, storming the disabled HMS Rapture, killing Trevorrow, and slaying 20 British soldiers. Kenway proceeded to use HMS Rapture to repair the Jackdaw before scuttling the ship, and he seized 1,000 reales, 60 crates of rum, 130 crates of sugar, 10 cases of heavy shot, 2 cases of mortar shot, and 7 crew members as his prizes.

Order of battle



  • Flag of Great Britain HMS Rapture - man o' war †
  • Flag of Great Britain HMS Sword - brig †
  • Flag of Great Britain HMS Adventure Galley - brig †
  • Flag of Great Britain HMS Escort - brig †


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