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Battle of Jemmingen
Conflict: Dutch Revolt
Date: 21 July 1568
Place: Jemmingen, East Frisia, Germany
Outcome: Spanish victory

Flag of Netherlands Netherlands

Flag of New Spain Spain


Flag of Netherlands Louis of Nassau

Flag of New Spain Fernando Alvarez de Toledo


12,000 troops
16 guns

15,000 troops


7,000 dead or wounded

80 dead
220 wounded

The Battle of Jemmingen (21 July 1568) was one of the first battles of the Dutch Revolt, occurring when a 12,000-strong Dutch army under Louis of Nassau attempted to capture Groningen from Fernando Alvarez de Toledo's 15,000-strong Spanish army. The Dutch foolishly left their defensive formations to charge the Spanish after three hours of skirmishing, but they were pounded by musket fire and threatened with a charge of the feared Spanish cavalry. The Dutch were forced to retreat towards the Ems River by the Spanish, who utterly routed the Dutch and inflicted heavy losses on them in a demoralizing defeat for the rebels.