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Battle of Ju Lu
Conflict: Yellow Turban Rebellion
Date: 184 AD
Place: Julu, China
Outcome: Eastern Han victory

Eastern Han

Yellow Turbans


Lu Zhi
Huangfu Song
Zhu Jun

Zhang Jiao



hundreds of thousands



all dead or captured

The Battle of Julu was the decisive engagement of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, which resulted in the destruction of Zhang Jiao's rebel army by Imperial commanders Lu Zhi, Huangfu Song, and Zhu Jun.


After the conquest of all of the other Yellow Turban strongholds, Julu was the last one that stood out. Zhang Jiao, the leader of the Way of Peace sect, commanded a large army, which was led by sub-commanders Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang, his brothers and subordinates. The Yellow Scarves had armies in the hundreds of thousands, the last of which were entrapped in the Zhang Family's hometown of Julu, and a massive Eastern Han army assembled at Guangzhong to meet them, led by Lu Zhi and generals Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun


The Yellow Turbans started battle with Liu Bei's volunteer forces when they raided local farming communities, and the Volunteer Army chased the raiders off, initiating the conflict as the Imperial Army moved out, ignoring the fate of the peasants. Huangfu Song's troops took to the central battlefront, where the main battle opened up; the Yellow Turbans kept the Eastern Han troops off of their mountaintop fortress by rolling boulders onto the advance guards who were teeming up the hills. Fortunately, General Xiahou Dun found an alternative route and exploited it, leading a wheeling attack on the Turbans from their right flank. The Han troops were able to defeat Zhang Bao's portion of the force, while the Han troops at the front braved the boulders and were able to execute Zhang Liang. Zhang Jiao retreated in an attempt to join Zhang Lu, but died of illness shortly after his defeat, defeating the Yellow Turban Rebellion, although some Yellow Scarves remnants remained active afterwards.

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