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Battle of La Gudina
La Gudina
Conflict: War of the Spanish Succession
Date: 7 May 1709
Place: Campo Maior, Portugal
Outcome: Spanish victory

Flag of Portugal Portugal
Flag of Great Britain Great Britain

Flag of Spain 3 Spain


Flag of Portugal Joao Mascarenhas
Flag of Great Britain Henri de Massue

Flag of Spain 3 Alexandre Maitre


23,000 troops

16,000 troops


4,000 losses

400 losses

The Battle of La Gudina (7 May 1709) was fought between the 16,000-strong Spanish Army of Extremadura, commanded by Alexandre Maitre de Bay, and a 23,000-strong Anglo-Portuguese army under the Marquis of Fronteira and the Earl of Galway. The Anglo-Portuguese army advanced from the fortress of Elvas in Portugal to the Spanish border, and they met at the plain of Gudina. The Portuguese cavalry was easily routed, and two British Army infantry battalions were forced to surrender after the defeat of the Portuguese cavalry led to them being overwhelmed. Massue had a horse shot from under him, and he narrowly escaped. The Anglo-Portuguese army made an orderly retreat back to Elvas, and the Spanish were able to temporarily hold off an Allied invasion from Portugal.