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Battle of Las Picuas
Battle of Las Picuas
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: October 1718
Place: Off Las Picuas, Cuba
Outcome: Pirate victory

Pirates Pirates

Flag of Spain 2 Spain


Pirates Edward Kenway

Flag of Spain 2 Cristoval de Beneja


1 brig

1 frigate
2 schooners


few pirates lost

all ships sunk

The Battle of Las Picuas (October 1718) was a naval battle fought off the northern coast of Cuba that occurred when the pirate captain Edward Kenway and his ship Jackdaw assaulted a Spanish merchant convoy. The Spanish convoy, spearheaded by the powerful merchant frigate Falcon Blanco Mayor, was bound for Havana, and the pirate bartender Charles Hunkin was paid by Kenway to give him information on the convoy. The pirate vessel assaulted Falcon Blanco Mayor and her schooner escorts Urca Doncella and San Felipe off Las Picuas, and Kenway's crew succeeded in incapacitating Falcon Blanco Mayor first. The pirates boarded the merchant ship and captured it after slaying its captain, Cristoval de Beneja, and the pirates plundered 2,000 reales from the ship before scuttling the ship. Jackdaw also took the two other ships as prizes, completing another successful ambush of a merchant convoy.

Order of battle



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