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Battle of Liang Province
Conflict: Fall of the Han
Date: 182 AD
Place: Xi Liang, Liang Province, China
Outcome: Allied Forces victory

Allied Forces

Dong Zhuo's Forces


Ma Teng
Han Sui
Ma Chao
Pang De

Dong Zhuo
Dong Min
Hua Xiong
Hu Zhen



100,000 men and horse


no reliable estimates

no reliable estimates

The Battle of Liang Province was an engagement between the rebellious coalition of regional warlords in Liang Province and the army of brutal general Dong Zhuo, the Governor of Xi Liang. The warlords attempted to rid Liang of Dong Zhuo's villainy, and after a fierce struggle, Dong Zhuo's Army was evicted from Liangzhou with heavy losses.


Dong Zhuo was born to a noble family in Liang Province. As a general, he fought and expelled the barbarians from the newly-conquered Liang Province, earning him the title "Inspector of Xi Liang". Under his rule, the people of the region suffered travesties at the hands of the brute, who was concerned only with women and wealth. Soon, a coalition of regional warlords centered around Ma Teng rose to power in Liangzhou, and Dong Zhuo raised an army to destroy the rebellion.


Ma Teng entrusted Han Sui and Pang De with the defense of the Allied Forces' main camp, and planned to wait for reinforcements to arrive. Ma Chao, the warlord's young son, proved himself to be a fine warrior in the battle that lay ahead, sealing off several enemy checkpoints, thus denying Dong Zhuo's Army reinforcements. The Xiliang Forces also captured Dong Zhuo's supply and defense bases in the central battlefield, and routed the units that had been positioned on the battlefield, awaiting the arrival of Dong Zhuo's main force. Hu Zhen and Gao Shun arrived with reinforcements to combat the rebels, but these units were also routed and the checkpoints sealed, and reinforcements arrived for the rebels instead of the attacking Dong Zhuo Army. After a series of battles, Dong Zhuo arrived in Liangzhou to take personal command of his army, refusing to roll over and die. He brought in reinforcements and these troops were immediately brought to battle with Ma Teng's Forces. Ma Chao succeeded in besting the previously-unbeaten warrior Hua Xiong and also captured Dong Zhuo's main camp. The Coalition forces forced Dong to retreat after intense melee, and Dong Zhuo was wounded across the arm.


With Liang Province free from the tyrant Dong Zhuo's rule, Ma Teng and Han Sui were free to rule their people justly. However, it was not long before subjugation forces led by Dong zhuo, Sun Jian, and other commanders arrived and destroyed the rebellion, killing leader Bian Zhang. However, it was not until 211 AD that Liang Province was humbled, instead at the hands of Prime Minister Cao Cao, who conquered Liangzhou after the Battle of Tong Gate.

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