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Battle of Lintao
Campaign: Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions
Date: 253 AD
Place: Lintao, Yong Province, China
Outcome: Shu Han victory

Wei Cao Wei

Shu Shu Han


Guo Huai
Deng Ai

Jiang Wei
Zhang Ni
Xiahou Ba







The Battle of Lintao was a battle in Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions which resulted in the death of Cao Wei General Guo Huai in battle at the hands of Shu Han archers.


Following victory at Mt. Tie Tong, the Cao Wei Army pursued Jiang Wei's retreating Shu Han army, led by Yue Ying and Wang Si, while they retreated to the safety of Nan'an Castle. Guo Huai led a successful attack on the isolated Shu Han reinforcements, who were wiped out, as Wang Si was struck by an arrow and died. The Cao Wei troops then attacked the castle, and overran the garrison, led by Xiahou Ba, and nearly killed him, had it not been for Jiang Wei's arrival. Guo Huai was pierced with two arrows and died. 

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