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Battle of Mt. Tietong
Campaign: Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions
Date: 253 AD
Place: Mt. Tietong, Yong Province, China
Outcome: Wei victory

Wei Cao Wei

Shu Shu Han
Barbarians Barbarians


Guo Huai

Jiang Wei
Ehe Shaoge
E Zhesai







The Battle of Mt. Tietong was a battle in Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions, and resulted in a Wei victory over the Shu Han and Qiang allies.


Jiang Wei brought a massive Shu Han army north, bolstered by their Qiang allies led by King Midang, so General Sima Zhao took charge of the Cao Wei army in Hanzhong and prepared to engage them. Sima Zhao unwisely wandered into a Shu Han ambush and was encircled at the Central Garrison, holding off many Shu attacks until General Guo Huai marched to his aid from Yongzhou Castle. With Sima Zhao's unit retreating to Yongzhou, Jiang Wei ordered the Qiang spearmen to attack the main camp and capture Yongzhou. The Qiang were blocked on the road by the unit of Deng Ai, whose Cao Wei troops were battle-hardened and ready to attack, and King Midang agreed to surrender, leading an attack on the Shu camp and driving Jiang Wei back.

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