Previous: Battle of Lintao
Battle of Nan'an
Campaign: Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions
Date: 253 AD
Place: Nan'an Commandery, Yong Province, China
Outcome: Wei victory

Wei Cao Wei
Barbarians Qiang

Shu Shu Han


Deng Ai
Guanqiu Jian
Wen Qin
Midang  Skull and crossbones

Guan Suo
Zhang Zun
Wang Han
Chen Zhi
Jiang Bin
Dong Juo







The Battle of Nan'an was an engagement between Cao Wei and Shu Han during Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions, where the Cao Wei avenged the death of Guo Huai by destroying the Shu army.


After the death of Guo Huai at the Battle of Lintao, Deng Ai took charge of his army and attacked nearby Nan'an Castle, held by Dong Jue. The Shu Han used ballistae as defensive bonuses on their slopes, and Jiang Wei launched a fire attack on the advancing Cao Wei troops, inflicting minor losses. The Shu Han troops advanced to the top of the mountain and stormed the castle, and routed the enemy.

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