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Siege of He Fei Castle
Hefei Castle
Conflict: Three Kingdoms
Date: March 19-June 27, 253 AD
Place: Xinchang, northern Yang Province (modern-day Anhui), China
Outcome: Wei victory

Cao Wei

Eastern Wu


Zhang Te
Sima Fu

Zhuge Ke


Zhang Te: 3,000 troops
4,000 civilians
Sima Fu: 200,000 troops

200,000 troops




The Siege of Hefei Castle, also known as New Hefei Castle, Hefei New City, or Xincheng, was an action that took place in 253 AD between Eastern Wu, who wanted to besiege the Cao Wei castle of New Hefei Castle, but failed.


The Wu forces, bolstered by their victory at Dongxing, attacked Hefei Castle. Zhuge Ke's attack lasted several months, but he failed to take the castle. Zhang Te, the officer in charge of the castle, faked surrender and during the lull repaired the castle walls. He then taunted Zhuge Ke, who, enraged, led an attack against the castle, but was struck by an arrow from the castle and wounded. The wound soon healed, but plague began to spread among the troops, and they lost the will to fight, forcing Wu to retreat.

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