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Battle of Pinos Isle
Battle of Pinos Isle
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: September 1719
Place: Isla de la Juventud, Cuba
Outcome: Pirate victory

Pirates Pirates

Flag of Spain 2 Spain


Pirates Edward Kenway

Flag of Spain 2 Gutirre de Valmaseda


1 brig

3 frigates


few crew losses

1 frigate sunk
2 frigates disabled

The Battle of Pinos Isle (September 1719) occurred when the pirate captain Edward Kenway and the crew of the Jackdaw broke through the Spanish flotilla guarding Pinos Isle (now known as Isla de la Juventud). Kenway sought to break through the Spanish force in order to assassinate the Templar graverobber George Penketh, and he found himself cornered in a cove, facing three Spanish frigates. Rather than board all of them, he decided to plunder and scuttle one of them and leave the other two disabled. After defeating the three frigates, Kenway succeeded in landing on the island, and he assassinated Penketh atop a Mayan temple after killing the Spanish Army soldiers guarding him.

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