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Battle of Sishui Pass
Hua Xiong
Campaign: Campaign against Dong Zhuo
Date: 190 AD
Place: Si River Gate, Si Province, China
Outcome: Warlord Alliance victory

Warlord Alliance

Eastern Han


Yuan Shao
Cao Cao
Liu Bei
Sun Jian
Gongsun Zan
Kong Rong
Liu Yu

Li Su
Hu Zhen
Zhao Cen
Hua Xiong


at least 3,000 infantry

unknown infantry, 1,000 cavalry




The Battle of Sishui Pass, or Sishui Gate, was an attempt by the army of Dong Zhuo to halt the Warlord Alliance from reaching his capital at Luoyang, holding the Alliance off at Sishui Pas with their fierce warrior Hua Xiong. The Dong Zhuo Army tried in vain to stop the enemy, surprisingly inflicting heavy losses before being defeated.


The Allied Army, led by Alliance commander Yuan Shao, marched on Sishui Pass, one of the gates that blocked the entrance to Luoyang, which was ably defended by four of Dong Zhuo's generals, including tactician Li Su and fierce warrior Hua Xiong. Yuan Shao attempted a flanking movement first, but his general Bao Zhong's force of 3,000 troops was fended off by Hua Xiong's 500 horsemen, who won due to a duel between Hua Xiong and Bao Zhong that led to Bao Zhong being cut down. Meanwhile, the Allied siege force under Sun Jian was held at the gate, and recieved no supplies from a jealous Yuan Shu, Commissariat General. The Allied troops struggled until Liu Bei, an Allied commander, found a back road that led to the enemy supply depot, held by Fan Chou and a small garrison, and the Allied troops took the supplies for themselves and re-supplied Sun Jian's troops. By this time, Hua Xiong attempted to charge out to lash at the hungry soldiers, but Guan Yu, a brave warrior under Liu Bei, smote him with a long spear, "Blue Dragon", after Hua Xiong killed many opposing warriors. The death of Hua Xiong led to further defeats, including the murder of Hu Zhen in a failed cavalry attack with 500 of Dong Zhuo's riders. The Dong Zhuo troops retreated to Hulao Gate, with most of their force devastated.