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Battle of Stake Bay
Battle of Stake Bay
Conflict: Anglo-Spanish War (1715-1722)
Date: March 1716
Place: Stake Bay, Cayman Islands
Outcome: British victory

Flag of Great Britain Great Britain

Flag of Spain 2 Spain


Flag of Great Britain Lord Archibald Hamilton

Flag of Spain 2 Vicente de Raja


1 man o' war
1 frigate

1 man o'war
1 gunboat


no ship losses

1 gunboat sunk

The Battle of Stake Bay (March 1716) was a battle of the Anglo-Spanish War that occurred when two British Royal Navy ships and two Spanish Navy ships clashed between the Cayman Islands and Cuba. The British man o' war HMS Odin and the frigate HMS Dove engaged in a gunnery duel with the Spanish man o' war San Juan Bautista II, engaging mortar fire and cannon broadsides. Edward Kenway and the crew of the Jackdaw witnessed the battle from a distance, and it is assumed that the Spanish gunboat was sunk in the battle.

Order of battle


  • Flag of Great Britain HMS Odin - Level-36 man o' war
  • Flag of Great Britain HMS Dove - Level-29 frigate


  • Flag of Spain 2 San Juan Bautista II - Level-36 man o'war
  • Flag of Spain 2 Small gunboat †

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