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Battle of Taegu
Conflict: Korean War
Date: 5-20 August 1950
Place: Taegu, South Korea
Outcome: UN victory

USA United States
Flag of South Korea South Korea

Flag of North Korea North Korea


USA Douglas MacArthur
USA Walton Walker

Flag of North Korea Choi Yong-kun
Flag of North Korea Kim Chaek


4 divisions

5 divisions


200 dead
400 wounded

3,700+ dead and wounded

The Battle of Taegu (5-20 August 1950) was an engagement between UN and North Korean forces early in the Korean War, a part of the Pusan Perimeter campaign. Five Korean People's Army divisions massed around the city of Taegu, preparing to cross the Naktong River and assault Taegu from the north and west. The US 1st Cavalry Division and the ROK II Corps defended the city, and the 1st Cavalry Division repellled numerous North Korean attacks, while the North Korean attacks were more successful in the South Korean sector. The North Koreans briefly captured Hill 303, where they massacred 41 captured US Army prisoners of war, leading to condemnation from both the North Korean and US commands. The North Koreans were repulsed, and the final battle for the city would occur during the concurrent "Battle of the Bowling Alley".

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