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Battle of Tulum
Battle of Tulum
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: March 1716
Place: Tulum, Mexico
Outcome: Hashshashin victory

Flag of Great Britain Great Britain

Hashshashin Hashshashin


Flag of Great Britain Laurens Prins

Hashshashin Ah Tabai


British contingent

Scores of assassins


several dead

Scores dead

The Battle of Tulum (March 1716) occurred when a force of British Army troops under the Jamaica-based slaver Laurens Prins assaulted the Hashshashin stronghold of Tulum in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Prins, a secret member of the Templar Order, was led to Tulum by a map supplied by Grand Master Laureano Torres y Ayala, who sought to eradicate the Hashshashin in the Caribbean. The British troops massacred or enslaved much of the population of Tulum, but the pirate Edward Kenway - who had inadvertently led the Templars to the city - used sleep darts and berserk darts to take down several British troops before freeing the captured assassins and pirates. The slavers were driven from Tulum, and the Hashshashin narrowly survived the assault on their main base.

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