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Battle of Weissburg
Conflict: Creation of the Swiss Confederation
Date: 1320
Place: Near Geneva, Switzerland
Outcome: Swiss victory

Switzerland Swiss Confederation

HRE Holy Roman Empire


Klaus Wiesenthal

Leopold I, Duke of Austria


5,000 troops

30,000 troops


500 killed or wounded

7,000 killed

The Battle of Weissburg was an engagement between the Holy Roman Empire and the Swiss Confederation in 1320, which resulted in the destruction of a German army.


A force of 5,000 Swiss Pikemen under Klaus Wiesenthal ambushed an Imperial Army in a mountain pass, despite facing 30,000 troops. The Swiss troops hacked the Germans to death after throwing logs and boulders into the canyon, and the Germans lost 7,000 dead in the attack. The loss of the battle caused an Austrian retreat, but further retaliation.

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