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Battle of the Bowling Alley
Bowling Alley
Conflict: Korean War
Date: 12-25 August 1950
Place: Near Taejon, South Korea
Outcome: UN victory

Flag of South Korea South Korea
USA United States

Flag of North Korea North Korea


Flag of South Korea Paik Sun-yup
USA John H. Michaelis
USA Paul L. Freeman, Jr.

Flag of North Korea Choi Yong-chin
Flag of North Korea Hong Rim
Flag of North Korea Paik Son-choi


7,500 South Korean troops
5,000 US troops

16,000 troops


2,300 South Korean dead
8 American dead, 70 wounded

5,690 dead
13 tanks destroyed
6 tank destroyers destroyed

The Battle of the Bowling Alley (12-25 August 1950) was a battle of the Korean War that occurred as a part of the Pusan Perimeter campaign. Three North Korean Korean People's Army divisions attempted to assault the last US and South Korean defenses before the city of Taegu, assaulting a narrow valley nicknamed the "Bowling Alley". The US 27th and US 23rd Infantry Regiments were sent in to reinforce the struggling South Korean troops, defending all-out North Korean assaults at night. The North Korean tanks and infantry advanced together, with artillery covering their approach. US tanks, mines, and entrenched infantry confronted them, and several North Korean assaults were repelled, with both sides suffering heavy losses (especially the rival Korean armies). The US Air Force managed to destroy several North Korean tanks and blunt their momentum, and the North Koreans were forced to end their assault.

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