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Battle of the Philippine Sea
Philippine Sea
Conflict: World War II
Date: 19-20 June 1944
Place: Philippine Sea
Outcome: Decisive US victory

USA United States

Flag of Japan Japan


USA Raymond A. Spruance
USA Marc A. Mitscher

IJN Jisaburo Ozawa
IJN Kakuji Kakuta


16 carriers
7 battleships
21 cruisers
58 destroyers
28 submarines
956 aircraft

9 carriers
5 battleships
19 cruisers
27 destroyers
24 submarines
6 oilers
750 aircraft


1 battleship damaged
123 aircraft lost
109 dead

3 carriers sunk
2 oilers sunk
645 aircraft destroyed
6 ships damaged
2,987 dead

The Battle of the Philippine Sea occurred from 19 to 20 June 1944 when the US Navy intercepted a fleet of Imperial Japanese Navy ships heading for the Mariana Islands to reinforce the Japanese garrisons on Guam, Saipan, and Tinian.  The Japanese sent out their 750 aircraft to attack the US ships, but the novice Japanese pilots faced 956 battle-hardened US pilots, and the Japanese lost 645 aircraft in the "Great Marianas Turkey Shoot". In addition, the Japanese lost the carriers Shokaku and the newest and largest Japanese carrier, Taiho, to US submarines, and the carrier Haiyo was destroyed by US planes the next day. The battle was the largest carrier-to-carrier battle in history.


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