Bernhard Rogge
Bernhard Rogge (4 November 1899-29 June 1982) was a Konteradmiral in the Kriegsmarine navy of Nazi Germany during World War II, later serving in the military of West Germany.


Bernhard Rogge was born in Schleswig, German Empire on 4 November 1899, the son of a Lutheran minister; he had one Jewish grandparent. Rogge entered the Imperial German Navy in 1915 during World War I, and he was forced to apply for a "blood certificate" while serving as an officer in the Kriegsmarine navy of Nazi Germany, leading to his wife and mother-in-law killing themselves in 1939. He commanded the auxiliary cruiser Atlantis during World War II and was known to treat British prisoners with respect, and he was not arrested after the war as a result. He served in the Bundesmarine of West Germany from 1957 until his 1962 retirement, and he died in Reinbek in 1982 at the age of 82.

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