Bertrand Barere
Bertrand Barere (10 September 1755-13 January 1841) was a politician in the French First Republic and the First French Empire during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.


Bertrand Barere was born in Tarbes, Gascony, France on 10 September 1755, and he became a lawyer in Toulouse in 1770. In 1788, he was elected to the Academy of Floral Games, and he became a member of the National Assembly after the start of the French Revolution. Barere was a member of the Girondists at first, but he later joined The Mountain and voted in favor of Louis XVI of France's execution in 1793. Barere was an opponent of Maximilien Robespierre while serving in the Committee of Public Safety, but he was imprisoned after the Thermidorian Reaction; he escaped from prison before he could be deported to French Guiana, and he was not allowed to take his seat in the Council of Five Hundred. In 1815, he became a member of the Chamber of Deputies, only to be banished as a regicide. In 1830, he returned to France from exile in Belgium and died in 1841.