Bill Stechner
Bill Stechner was the CIA station chief in Colombia from 1992.


Bill Stechner was a veteran CIA agent from Oregon who served in the Cold War (including the Soviet-Afghan War, during which he gave guns to the Mujahideen), and President George H.W. Bush decided to send him to Colombia to become the station chief in 1992. Stechner worked with ambassador Arthur Crosby, DEA attache Claudia Messina, and Centra Spike spy Edward Jacoby to track down the drug lord Pablo Escobar, a goal of Bush's which could land him re-election. Stechner supplied weapons to the far-right AUC paramilitary under Carlos Castano Gil and Fidel Castano Gil so that they could fight the communists, but he also convinced them to fight against Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel.

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